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Deluxe Box Lunches:       $12.00 to $15.25 (see box lunch tab for options)

Deluxe Bag Lunches:        $11.00 - $14.20 (see bag lunch tab for options)

Brown Bagger Lunches:     $9.50 - $11.00 (Sand or Wrap, chips, beverage)

Entrée Salads start at:       $12.00 - $14.70 including sweet treat and beverage

Buffet lunches start at:                              $12.00 pp

Deli tray & salad bar lunches start at:         $11.50 pp

Volume discounts for orders over 50 people


Continental Breakfast Fresh baked pastry tray, with muffins, scones and croissants. Served with fresh fruit, gourmet coffee, juices and condiments.


Small pot (serves 12 - 16) Coffee only $15.95 / full service (creamer, sugars, etc) $19.95

Med pot (serves 28 -34) Coffee only $40.95 / full service (creamer, sugars, etc) $47.00

Large pot (serves up to 100) Coffee only $120.00 / full service (creamer, sugars, etc) $130.00

Small pot Hot Tea service, with a variety of herbal teas $16.95

On-site Barista / Espresso service available for groups of 25 or more


We offer a wide variety of pastry platters and cakes for all occasions.

Our Full-time Baker on staff makes fresh items daily which may include - delicious croissants, fruit and berry muffins, scones, orange rolls, decadent cinnamon rolls, gourmet cookies and soft dark chocolate brownies.

Full size Pastry              $2.45 each                    Large Cookies                $1.95 each  

Medium Pastry               $1.90 each                    Medium Cookies            $1.65 each

Small Pastry                  $1.65 each                    Small Cookies                $1.25 each

Petite Pastry                  $1.20 each                    Petite Cookies                $. 95 each

Lg. cinnamon rolls          $3.50 each 


Fresh cut fruit (strawberries / blueberries), granola and low fat yogurt parfaits:  12oz $4.75            9oz $3.65

Whole (bananas, apples, oranges)        $1.15 each

Fruit trays:        Small (feeds 12-18)        $  42.50

                        Medium (feeds 20-35)     $  64.95

                        Large (feeds 40-60)        $  97.95

                        XLarge (feeds 100)         $170.95



Ice water pitchers (served 6 guests per pitcher) $1.60

Bottled water                 $1.15 each

Canned soda/juice         $1.65 each

Bottled soda/juice          $3.25 each


Breakfast Buffet  A generous portion of scrambled eggs topped with cheese, breakfast potatoes, sausage, maple bacon, biscuits and gravy and fresh fruit. 

Italian Feast with Italian dinner salad, choice of chicken piccata with basil, mushrooms, capers, white wine and lemon, meat lasagna loaded with Italian sausage, seasoned ground beef, veggies and cheeses with marinara sauce, roasted pork loin stuffed with Italian meats, cheeses and herbs or vegetarian lasagna loaded with veggies, alfredo sauce and cheeses. All served with sides, beverages and light dessert  

Pasta Bar Pasta, marinara and alfredo sauces, meatballs, sliced seasoned chicken breasts, broccoli and parmesan cheese. Served with tossed Caesar salad, garlic bread, beverages and light dessert 

Taco Salad Bar Seasoned chicken, ground beef, black beans, hard and soft shells, lettuce, tomato, onion, olives, cheese, sour cream, salsa, chips to make taco salad and more. Served with beverages and a light dessert. 

Chicken Fajita Bar Choice of chicken, beef, shrimp or combo, with whole wheat and flour tortillas, grilled veggies, guacamole, sour cream, salsa, and special sauce. Served with a mexican salad, beverages and churros for dessert

Chicken Enchiladas with creamy chicken sauce, cheese and a touch of jalapeños. Served with Mexican salad, rice, beverages and light dessert 

Brown Rice Bento Bar Organic brown rice, sliced chicken breast, steamed veggies, with Thai peanut and teriyaki sauces. Served with an Asian Napa cabbage salad and sesame ginger gressing, beverages and a light dessert

Beef Entrées: We offer a variety of full course Steaks, Prime Rib and BBQ options  

Baked Northwest Salmon with Raspberry glaze with wild rice pilaf and seasonal veggies beverages and light dessert

Chicken Dishes served with dinner salad, potato or rice dish, bread, beverages and light dessert

Roasted Red Pepper Chicken topped with sautéed mushrooms and cream sauce

Chicken Cordon Bleu                                            

Chicken Lorraine

Herb Encrusted Chicken topped with veloute cream sauce


Chicken and Broccoli Casserole with light curry. Served with garden fresh salad, rice, beverages and light dessert

Salad Bar with Chef Salad, Cobb salad or Shrimp Louie options, fresh veggies, dressings, bread, beverages and light dessert 

Deli  Bar with meats, cheeses, breads, veggies and accompaniments. Served with pasta or potato salad, chips, beverages and light dessert 

Hors D’oeuvres: We offer a wide variety hot and cold – call for details

Delivery $20 and up based on distance.Service charge may apply. Sales tax additional.

Prices subject to change.